Past Exhibitions

Spring 2023

Seven cropped pieces of artwork on a billboard for the Transfiguration art exhibition.


Exhibition Dates: April 6th – May 4th 2023
Location: Frankie G. Weems Gallery in Gaddy-Hamrick Art Center

The Frankie G. Weems Gallery at Meredith College will be featuring the Spring 2023 Senior Art Exhibition where seven emerging artists will showcase their analysis of growth and development during their undergraduate program. Saba Ahmed, Caitlin Allen, Dora Fromer, Isabel Ruiz, Olivia Steen, Bridget Utley, and Mickey Wagner are studio art, graphic design and art education majors who have each developed an extensive and diverse portfolio.
A felt artwork with bright colors.


Exhibition Dates: January 23rd 2023 – March 12th 2023
Location: Frankie G. Weems Gallery in Gaddy-Hamrick Art Center
The Frankie G. Weems Gallery at Meredith College features the work of Megumi Naganoma. Born and raised in South Florida, Megumi is an interdisciplinary artist whose experiences and research inspire her work on bringing awareness to sexual violence and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Fall 2022

Three pieces of artwork shown as if they are pieces of torn paper with the title "Disrupt" and the artists "Hannah Schneider, Kristin Morin, and Leah Jensen" listed below.


Exhibition Dates: December 8th 2022 – January 27th 2023
Location: First Floor of Gaddy Hamrick Art Center
Gaddy-Hamrick Art Center is pleased to announce DISRUPT, an exhibition featuring Fall 2022’s Artists in Residence. Exploring themes of sexuality, loss, and deconstruction, DISRUPT showcases work from Hannah Schneider, Kristin Morin, and Leah Jensen.
The word "EMBODY" with different designs in each letter.


Exhibition Dates: November 17th – December 14th 2022
Location: Frankie G. Weems Gallery in Gaddy-Hamrick Art Center

This senior exhibition is a culmination of a dynamic group of five artists showing their work under the title of Embody. Each student has gathered work that showcases their interpretation of the word’s meaning and seeks to shed a unique light on reflective attributes. The variety of mediums or subjects used within the gallery might appear unconnected at first glance; however, the underlying truth of the students’ artwork is the embodiment of the human experience. The artwork in Embody will successfully resonate with any audience—artist or not.

Three women wearing hijabs with eventful backgrounds holding different purses -the purses say, from left to right, "Resist", "Immigrant", and "Passion. Protest. Peace.".

The Protest Purse

Exhibition Dates: October 11th – November 6th 2022
Location: Frankie G. Weems Gallery

Kulsum immersed herself in stories of multicultural and multigenerational women, learning what inspires us to RESIST and to exist in these times of national chaos, global catastrophes, and day-to-day struggles. The resistance purses are portraits of contemporary human struggles and triumphs. “The Protest Purse” is an ongoing project that seeks to re-contextualize how we see protest and allows insight into the hearts and minds of a diverse community of women.

Spring 2022

Four pieces of art depicting faces in a collage.

The 39th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: April 11-September 22, 2022
Location: Johnson Hall Rotunda

This exhibition gives students an incredible opportunity to experience having their art professionally juried and offers recognition along with cash prizes.

A diverse range of art from graphic design, fibers, photography, print, pottery, sculpture, painting, drawing, and more is on-view. Located within the Johnson Hall Rotunda, artists will have their work on display for the campus community and beyond.

Five paintings side by side of different things.


Featuring Rachel Lautenbach, Kristin Morin, Lydia Gunn, Madeleine Johns, and Candice Lillard
Exhibition Dates: April 6 – May 4, 2022
Location: Frankie G. Weems Gallery, Gaddy-Hamrick Art Center
Visceral, nuanced, and introspective. Meredith College proudly presents the Spring 2022 Senior Art Exhibition. Seniors Lydia Gunn, Madeleine Johns, Rachael Lautenbach, Candice Lillard, and Kristin Morin will exhibit their work in Gaddy-Hamrick Art Center’s Frankie G. Weems Gallery from April 6- May 4. This show unapologetically exposes the raw thoughts and experiences of individuals and communities. The exhibition features work from five emerging artists who use the collection of their unique voices and perspectives to explore movement through both physical and emotional spaces, feelings of otherness and alienation within those spaces, and the grasp we have on the reality of our own identities.
Three sketches side by side of Black people with different facial expressions.

I Carry Them On My Back, Of Course!

Featuring Alexandria Clay
Exhibition Dates: January 24 – March 11, 2022
Location: Frankie G. Weems Gallery, Gaddy-Hamrick Art Center
In I Carry Them On My Back, Of Course!, mixed media artist Alexandria Clay presents a body of work that eagerly searches for shelter from the trauma of experiencing marginalizing spaces. Spanning over several years, her work arrives at the questioning of origins of “safe spaces;” how are they conceived, and who is maintaining them? In Clay’s experience, Black matriarchs constantly craft and preserve places of refuge in her community–-a practice that is due in part to domestic expectation. In the most recent work, Clay contends with this undervalued labor and the impact it has on the women in her life.
Three images side by side showing a pot in the middle, and two geometric designs on the sides.


Featuring: Paige Van Zile, Rachel Stewart, and Bekah Wade
December 2, 2021 – January 28, 2022
Gaddy Hamrick Art Center

The Meredith College Art Department is pleased to present the Fall 2021 Artists-in-Residence, who have returned to their alma mater to further explore their practices in ceramics, fiber, and mixed media. Paige Van Zile uses soft sculpture to create an original, yet eclectic take on historical monuments and ego. Rachel Stewart’s body of work capitalizes on the dualities of organic shapes and textures and fine pottery. Bekah Wade incorporates multiple media into a new realm where viewers can interact through new perspectives and a moldable composition where the viewer takes lead.

Fall 2021

Five artworks side by side of different styles of art.

reflect: loudly, resiliently, vulnerably

Featuring: Evan Apple, Maureen Fitts, Leah Jensen, Jordyn Quarandillo, and Kasey Vandenboom
November 18 – December 6, 2021
Frankie G. Weems Gallery
Strength, authenticity, and sensitivity. Meredith College is proud to present the Fall 2021 Senior Art Exhibition: reflect: loudly, resiliently, vulnerably, a show that examines the ways in which individuals represent their identities through their own unique voices and experiences. Running November 18-December 6 in the Frankie G. Weems Gallery, the exhibition features work from five emerging artists: Evan Apple, Maureen Fitts, Leah Jensen, Jordyn Quarandillo, and Kasey Vandenboom. These artists bring forth five honest and unique perspectives, aiming to invite others into a space not only to view documented introspections, but to reflect on their own values and identities as well.
Four bright paintings in a row.

Self-Care: A Mental Health Journey Through COVID-19

Featuring Julia Caston
October 12 – November 7, 2021
Frankie G. Weems Gallery
The Frankie G. Weems Gallery is pleased to present Self Care: A Mental Health Journey Through COVID-19, an exhibition dedicated to mental health as it relates to COVID 19. The exhibition features Julia Caston, a practicing artist with a diagnosed anxiety disorder, who creates empathetic experiences, events, and objects.
Artwork featuring a cityscape in grays and blues and blacks with an orange sky.

Jenny Blazing and Carin Walsh: Turning Point

Jenny Blazing and Carin Walsh
September 2, 2021 – October 1, 2021
Frankie G. Weems Gallery

The Frankie G. Weems Gallery is pleased to present Jenny Blazing and Carin Walsh: Turning Point, a compelling art exhibit calling for action to quell the climate crisis. On view September 2 – October 1, the exhibit features the innovative work, WALSH/BLAZING, Changing Worlds Now. This collaborative multimedia and video/sound installation weaves a powerful personal story, urging viewers and their families to reflect on their own relationships with the climate crisis. In addition to Changing Worlds Now, the gallery exhibition presents a variety of works by Durham based artists Jenny Blazing and Carin Walsh, including mixed media paintings, found object sculptures, audio video collage, and participatory assemblage, all curated to speak to the urgent need for climate action.

Spring 2021

(dis)ARRAY: Discovering Self within the Chaos of Art & Life

(dis)ARRAY: Discovering Self within the Chaos of Art & Life

Ana Ramirez, Brooke Benton, Caroline Haw, Rachel Blay, and Rachel Stewart
April 5-May 5, 2021
Weems Gallery

(dis)ARRAY: discovering self within the chaos of art & life showcases the work of 2021 graduating seniors Ana Ramirez, Brooke Benton, Caroline Haw, Rachel Blay and Rachel Stewart. The five emerging artists come together in a group exhibition that shares their unique story and voice, as well as their artistic growth throughout the years at Meredith College.

Including photomontage, digital art, fibers, painting, drawing and ceramic sculpture, the show explores an intriguing collection of perspectives and individualized ideas on universal and personal themes: identity, heritage, surrealism, faith and death.

Meredith College Art Department Faculty & Staff Exhibition

Art Faculty & Staff Exhibition

February 1-March 3, 2021
Weems Gallery

This exhibition features fifteen individual artists who represent current and recent faculty and staff members as well as artists-in-residence at Meredith College. Spanning various media, the Meredith College Art Department Faculty & Staff Exhibition encapsulates the talents of this specific community of artists who not only teach Meredith students, but also they actively expand their research through their artistic practice.

Fall 2020

"Boundless" exhibition artwork

BOUNDLESS: A Senior Exhibition

Shila Alexander
November 16-December 6, 2020
Weems Gallery

This one-woman exhibition features the undergraduate student Shila Alexander. The exhibition showcases works from her undergraduate years at Meredith College that explored identity, spirituality, growth, connection, and emotion.

UnEarthed postcard image


Artists in Residence: Lydia Brown, Kate Loughlin, Victoria Mulcahy, Taylor McGee
November 16-December 6, 2020
Weems Gallery

This exhibition showcases the works of the Gaddy-Hamrick Art Center’s artists-in-residence; Lydia Brown, Kate Loughlin, Taylor McGee, and Victoria Mulcahy. The exhibition displays each artist’s series of work featuring fibers, painting, ceramics, and a variety of other mediums that explore the artist’s personal themes.

Yuko Taylor and King Godwin postcard advertising past dates.

Together – we are having a good day

Yuko Taylor and King Godwin
October 29-November 11, 2020
Johnson Hall Rotunda

Together features the mother and son duo, Yuko Taylor and King Godwin, whose bond influences one another’s own personal expression within their bodies of work. Apart from being an artist, Yuko’s life work has been to support King, an adult with autism. King transfers his feelings and what is true to him onto canvas and three-dimensional objects using bright, vibrant colors along with numbers that hold a special significance. Yuko, a Japanese-American Nihonga and oil painter, has exhibited works globally and draws inspiration from modern Western art and Japanese historical imagery. 

While King expresses his day, Yuko relays timelessness through her depiction of nature. King teaches Yuko the true meaning of how art impacts human beings, and in return, Yuko motivates King to keep pursuing his art. While the Covid-19-quarantine world diminished the community that supported them, King helped Yuko realize the only thing of importance was how to live their day-to-day lives—through painting. Through this revelation, they recognized there was no loss. Yuko writes: “We are thankful that we have art in our lives. We are together and having a good day.”

Alyssa Hinton artwork

Alyssa Hinton: Spiritual Awakening-Native Roots & Culture

Alyssa Hinton; Mercer Kesler Lecturer
September 8-October 19, 2020
Weems Gallery

Using vibrant colors that awaken the soul, mixed media artist, Alyssa Hinton, illustrates a theme of cultural regeneration through her unique southeastern Native American imagery. Her work is a provocative portrayal of the folklore and history surrounding her roots, utilizing tradition and vision with a contemporary edge.
Her recent themes reflect an attempt to untangle a complicated web of events pertaining to the displacement of her Tuscarora (Eastern North Carolina) and Osage (Missouri/Kansas) ancestors. Alyssa’s narrative earth conscious works speak to the preservation of both the ecology and indigenous spiritual traditions. They bring to light aspects of a distinct by under-represented southeastern Native experience, one whose basic world view is rooted in ancient Mississippian mound culture. On a more personal note, by uncovering what has been denied or seemingly lost, the work also chronicles the artist’s “inner restoration”.

The lecture will feature music by Charly & The Sunshine. Charly Lowry, an award-wining, singer-songwriter, is an activist for the Lumbee and Native American rights. Lowry immerses herself in the culture of American music and expanding her listening ear to various genres, all the while composing songs that give a personal account of her experience as an Indigenous woman walking in two worlds.

Spring 2020

37th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

April 3-September 22, 2020

Flore Fem Fauna Postcard advertising the exhibition.

Flora [Fem] Fauna

Jenny Eggleston, Kiki Farish, Holly Fischer, and Stacy Bloom Rexrode
January 30- February 25, 2020
Weems Gallery

A self-curated and self-directed exhibition by Jenny Eggleston, Kiki Farish, Holly Fischer, and Stacy Bloom Rexrode.
With every line, stroke, pull or pinch, the artists of Flora [Fem] Fauna question commonly held cultural preconceptions of gender roles and address gender equity. Each presents iconic, sacred forms that upon closer scrutiny tempt the viewer into an awareness of false perceptions. The common aim of their work is to celebrate female sexuality through knowledge and body positivity of female anatomy as a form of empowerment. Using a varied visual vocabulary, they use nature as a metaphor for gender fluidity, adhering to a feminist agenda and creating a space for intersectional dialogue and response.

This body of work demonstrates the development of a feminine collective consciousness with a singular goal, the determination to overcome destructive patterns of our society by raising awareness and starting conversations through art activism.


Fall 2019

Artwork of a chubby woman's body

Get it Girl: Senior Exhibition

Taylor Harris, Alexis Haynes, and Victoria Mulcahy
November 19 – December 9, 2019
Weems Gallery

Get It Girl features a curated body of work by three Meredith College senior Studio Art majors; Taylor Harris, Alexis Haynes, and Victoria Mulcahy. Coming together with drastically different media, Get It Girl brings fibers, sculpture, and painting together to tell a unique story from each individual artist.

All Creatures Great and Small postcard advertising the exhibition and past dates.

All Creatures Great and Small

Lee Deigaard, Shannon Johnstone, Jo-Anne McArthur, Traer Scott, and L.A. Watson
October 14 – November 10, 2019
Weems Gallery

All Creatures Great and Small features five female artists who are dedicated to animals and activism. While they each take a different approach, fine art, journalism, video installation, and commercial work, the heart of their work explores the lives, traumas, triumphs, and most of all, the individuality and importance of a few of the many nonhumans with whom we share the planet. Exhibiting artists include: Lee Deigaard, Shannon Johnstone, Jo-Anne McArthur, Traer Scott, and L.A. Watson.


Landscaping postcard advertising past dates.

Landscaping – a Cultivention in Paper

Nicole Uzzell
September 3 – September 30, 2019
Weems Gallery

Landscaping– a cultivention in paper is a one-woman exhibition by North Carolina based artist Nicole Uzzell. Uzzell creates handmade papers mixed with repurposed objects for her sculptural forms, installations, and mobiles. She develops densely packed, earthy, textures for mixed media baskets and other three-dimensional objects and juxtaposes these materials with delicate, ethereal mobiles that appear weightless in their nature. While strikingly and distinctly different from one another, they conceptually seek a balance between nature and human interaction.
“When the environment and industry fight for existence, the shifts in the landscape unveil the fragility of our planet.” (Nicole Uzzell)


Spring 2019

36th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

April 5-October 24, 2019

By Hand – Senior Exhibition

Sarah Beatty, Tori Burke, Bryson Currier, Whitney Ross, Jessica Wallace, Nikki Wertz, and Abby Williams.
April 8 – 29, 2019
Weems Gallery

The Meredith College Art Department is hosting an exhibition of curated work that reflects the artistic progress of seven senior studio art majors from the class of 2019. Viewers will be offered a chance to peek inside the minds of these artists as their practices developed throughout their college journeys.

By Hand is an exploration of human interaction with the tools and principles of the artistic process. The results will be diverse, but the act of learning and making is experienced differently by all artists. The exhibition will display works made by artists who have clay under their nails and paint in their veins.
Each artist has chosen a series of work that reflects their own individual approach to art-making, media, and concept. The exhibition will encompass a variety of methods from all disciplines of studio art, such as ceramic sculpture, graphite and charcoal drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Shape, line, texture, and personal imagination are the driving forces of their work.


Observing the Inner Voice

Jan-Ru Wan; Mercer-Kesler Lecturer
January 24 – March 5, 2019
Weems Gallery

Jan-Ru Wan’s exhibition “Observing the Inner Voice” examines the connections between art, religion and spirituality. She stated, “Your culture is imprinted in your mind, and this imprint determines how you perceive things. Through perception, this imprint evolves in every second and every place, refining itself to produce a new experience, and ultimately a new culture. Born in Taiwan, but educated in the United States, I have observed differences between the two places in terms of art, philosophy, politics, religion, and society, but I have come to understand that the basic human desires and needs do not drastically differ. These commonalities drive my research and my work.”


Fall 2018

Kaleidoscope-Senior Art Exhibition

Taylor Forzaglia and Meredith Wyatt
November 27 – December 11, 2018
Weems Gallery

Taylor Forzaglia and Meredith Wyatt explore color and themes of memory and narrative in their senior exhibition, Kaleidoscope. This show is a culmination of their experiences at Meredith College that showcases their personal and artistic growth over the past four years. Through both representational and non-objective works each artist tells stories through evocative colors and imagery. Both Art Education majors, Forzaglia and Wyatt value the importance of the process that goes into creating art through printmaking, weaving, fibers, sculpture, and more. An interactive weaving space will be a part of the exhibition to engage the audience in process-oriented, collaborative art-making resulting in a community tapestry.


Postcard with text at top "Transcending Otherness, Oct. 25th" and six rectangular images below to showcase the art.

Transcending Otherness

Stacey L. Kirby, Jaki Shelton Green, Jennifer Markowitz, Libby O’Daniel, Lamar Whidbee, Jade Wilson
October 15 – November 18, 2018
Weems Gallery

Social issues such as inequality and division in our society that deviate from the ‘norm’ are the focus of this exhibition. The majority having the power in what or who we should be has created the category of the “other”. Artwork and writings concerning those that may not fit the norm- whether through the celebration of their otherness or to the opposite side of the spectrum being those that struggle due to it. Topics range from class, education, gender, mental health, and race. Who is the majority and who is considered “other” is a social construct that we are told to believe which creates division amongst ourselves through politics, religion, education, and media. How can our differences be a way to unify us versus a reason to divide, categorize and disconnect us?

Fast Fashion Fiasco- The High Cost of Cheap

Joyce Watkins King
September 4 – October 2, 2018
Weems Gallery

Joyce Watkins King explores the alarming growth of the “fast fashion” industry and how it is shaping our society in a multitude of ways. Through her garment-based works, installation, sculpture, and works on paper, an examination of the devastating consequences for growers, laborers and the environment caused by “fast fashion” unfolds. This conceptually driven exhibition provides an opportunity for reflection and discussion on our own levels of consumerism and the impact our choices make.