Gallery Internships

The Weems and Johnson Hall Rotunda Galleries offers educational opportunities for Meredith College and the greater community. These offerings for Meredith students include internships and collaborations with faculty.

The Gallery offers internships to Meredith students from all academic levels and disciplines. Internships are offered in both the fall and spring semesters; they can extend beyond one semester.

Through ART-930: Community Internship, students gain professional experience in a gallery setting while learning about its operations from a variety of perspectives. Each internship is designed to provide insight into museum and/or gallery professions and serve as career advancement. For more specific guidelines regarding the Community Internship please refer to the Course Catalogue and the Special Studies Program.
For ART-930, Meredith students can register for 1 to 3 credit hours (1.0 = 40 total hours, 2.0 = 80 total hours, and 3.0 = 120 total hours). The internship will be completed both in person and/or remotely. Students are evaluated based on their completion of tasks assigned, the quality of work produced, willingness to learn and engage, and overall performance. Students are expected to log their work experiences and duties throughout the semester in a journal as well as complete a final summary paper. Grades are assigned by the supervising faculty member in consultation with the Gallery Director. Please refer to a sample syllabus.

Volunteer options are also available, if the student is unable to take the internship for credit. For more information please contact the Gallery Director,

To discuss internship opportunities, please contact your faculty advisor, the Art department head, and/or the Gallery Director.

An intern hanging an art piece on the Weems Gallery wall.

Previous Internships Focuses

Communications and Marketing

  • Develop content for Instagram and Facebook pages for the Gallery and Art department; write materials and articles for the website, email, and other social media.
  • Help to work with local and broader media outlets to publicize current/upcoming exhibitions.
  • Research and implement new ideas and strategies to reach new audiences.


  • Assist with the exhibition design for the display of artwork in way that makes them accessible and engaging to the general public.
  • Acquire and/or investigate artwork of interest to the gallery for current and/or upcoming exhibitions.
  • Learn about the steps involved in the realization of an exhibition, as well as day to day tasks of working in a Gallery


  • Be part of the Gallery’s approach to promote each exhibition as an opportunity for interdisciplinary learning.
  • Plan, organize, interpret exhibitions and develop programming such as events and workshops.
  • Develop activities/lesson plans in conjunction with professors for their students that can be used to supplement course learning outcomes.

Graphic Design

  • Design the publicity for exhibitions (short range and long range) such as Gallery Updates, posters, flyers, postcards, etc.
  • Work closely with the Director to make virtual elements that complement the exhibition such as a catalogue.
  • Develop and design education materials for a range of audiences like families, students K-12, university/college students, and adults.

Current Interns

Kristin Obman

Kristin Obman

Major: B.S. in Interior Design; 2nd degree WINGS Student
What are your future plans after graduation? After graduation I plan to pursue a career in gallery and/or museum exhibition design. 
What interested you about the internship program? My past work and school experience centers around gallery practices. The internship interested me because it gives me the opportunity to jump back into the art world, learn about curating, and creating exhibitions in a new environment.
How do you feel this internship will prepare you in the future? I am developing new skills, meeting new artists and professionals as well as  learning more about Meredith and the Frankie G. Weems Gallery. This internship is preparing me for projects and challenges I will take on in my future endeavors.