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Meet Our Gallery Director

Molly Hull is a Raleigh native and Meredith alumna with an M.A. in Renaissance Art History from Syracuse University in Florence, Italy. After presenting her Master’s thesis in 2017, Molly remained at Syracuse University in Florence for an additional two years as a Teaching Assistant. In this position, she travelled across Italy utilizing museums, churches, and historic sites as classrooms. Beginning in 2019, Molly worked as a lecturer for the education department at the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo in Florence. In this role, she taught groups of Italian students ranging in age from 12 to 25 years in both English and Italian languages. She worked to expand the department, offering educational workshops to American study abroad programs. In her current position as Gallery Director at Meredith, she strives to curate exhibitions that are accessible and engaging to various types of audiences.

Academic Credentials
M.A. Art History, Syracuse University. Thesis: “A Venetian Altarpiece in a Tuscan Setting: Jacopo Tintoretto’s Last Supper at Lucca Cathedral.”
B.A. Art History and Religious & Ethical Studies, Meredith College

The Galleries

Frankie G. Weems Art Gallery

The Frankie G. Weems Gallery’s history is interwoven with the building history of Gaddy-Hamrick. The Gaddy-Hamrick Art Center currently houses the art department. Before there was a central location for the department, art classes and studios were spread all around campus; parlors, Jones Hall, Johnson Hall, the Beehive, Joyner, a house near Faircloth St., and a temporary studio between Brewer and Heilman resident halls. 

Construction for this much needed central arts facility began in 1986 and was dedicated in 1987. The building was dedicated to honor Claude F. and Mary Lilly Duncan Gaddy and Fuller B. Hamrick and their families. In 1987, the 1500 sq. ft. gallery space within Gaddy-Hamrick was named to honor Frankie G. Weems, president of the Raleigh Fine Arts Society, advocate for local arts, and the wife of Meredith College’s president John Weems. 

Mrs. Weems was born in Chapel Hill, Tennessee in 1933. She attended Peabody College for three years striving for a degree in Elementary Education. This is where she met John Weems. Dr. Weems graduated from Peabody, then went onto teach at Atlantic Christian College. Frankie followed him and finished her degree in education at Atlantic Christian College. The two married in 1953. The couple and their family moved to Raleigh in 1971 and Dr. Weems became president of Meredith. Mrs. Weems was a teacher back in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. When she moved to Raleigh, she quit teaching so she could become more active within the community. Her love for the arts led her to the Raleigh Fine Arts Society where she later became president. She was also chairperson for the Wake County Artists Exhibit. Meredith’s Board of Trustees dedicated the exhibition gallery in the new Gaddy-Hamrick Art Center to her in recognition for her “identity and integrity” in the art community.

Plaque for the gallery reads

“The Frankie G. Weems Art Gallery / for her interest in the arts/ for her invovlement in educating students / for the arts / for her outstanding service to Meredith / and the greater Raleigh community / the board of trustees of / Meredith College / dedicate and name this exhibition gallery / in honor of and appreciation for / Frankie G. Weems / September 25, 1987”

Outside of Gaddy Hamrick Art Center as sculptures line the sidewalk.

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Interior of Johnson Hall with a chandelier and staircase.
Exterior of Johnson Hall

Johnson Hall Rotunda Gallery

The Johnson Hall Rotunda Gallery is centrally located within the Administrative building and occupies the first, second and third floors, which can be accessed via stairs and/or elevator. The year 1964 marks the first mention of an exhibition featured within the Johnson Hall Rotunda Gallery. Annually, from April to September, the Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition is hosted in this space; the exhibition’s existence is thought to extend back to the early 1900s. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks are frequently exhibited in this space; the French hanging system limits the display of other media. 


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