Featuring Rachel Lautenbach, Kristin Morin, Lydia Gunn, Madeleine Johns, and Candice Lillard

Exhibition Dates: April 6-May 4, 2022
Location: Frankie G. Weems Gallery in Gaddy-Hamrick Art Center

Five paintings side by side of different things.

Press Release

Visceral, nuanced, and introspective. Meredith College proudly presents the Spring 2022 Senior Art Exhibition. Seniors Lydia Gunn, Madeleine Johns, Rachael Lautenbach, Candice Lillard, and Kristin Morin will exhibit their work in Gaddy-Hamrick Art Center’s Frankie G. Weems Gallery from April 6- May 4. This show unapologetically exposes the raw thoughts and experiences of individuals and communities. The exhibition features work from five emerging artists who use  the collection of their unique voices and perspectives to explore movement through both physical and emotional spaces, feelings of otherness and alienation within those spaces, and the grasp we have on the reality of our own identities. 

These concepts are communicated using a wide range of artistic mediums including painting, mixed media, photography, sculpture, printmaking, fiber works, and more. The artists use their unique approach to style, color, and presentation to openly share their perspectives on and experiences with issues like mental health, trauma, displacement, culture, escape from reality, self-image, faith, and the healing power of art. The featured artists want their works to exist as an invitation for viewers to experience an exposed meditation on the human condition both globally and personally.

For more information about accessibility or to inquire about other accomodations, please contact Molly Hull, or 919-760-8414.

*All events are free and open to the public. 

Zoom Gallery Talk held on April 19 from 7-8 p.m.. Register here.