The 41st Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: April 22 2024 – September 12 2024
Location: Johnson Hall Rotunda

Billboard graphic saying "41st annual juried student art exhibition".
Press Release

The Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition gives Meredith students an incredible opportunity to experience having their art professionally juried and offers recognition along with cash prizes. A diverse range of art from graphic design, fibers, photography, print, ceramic, sculpture, painting, drawing, and more is on view. Located within the Johnson Hall Rotunda, artists will have their work on display for the campus community and beyond. This year, the juror is Patrizia Ferreira, a local textile artist and NC Regional Emerging Artist in Residence at Artspace in Raleigh.

2024 Award Recipients:


Meet the Juror: Patrizia Ferreira

Patrizia Ferreira smiling in a studio.

Patrizia’s work laboriously incorporates the debris of her surroundings namely, textiles and plastic, creating poetic pieces that speak of our society of over consumption and the state of our environment. By giving life to otherwise inanimate materials, making something beautiful from the discarded, she invites the viewer to reflect upon our actions and the repercussions for our planet. Patrizia Ferreira received a bachelor’s degree in textile design from the Institute of Industrial Design in Montevideo, Uruguay and a Master of Science degree in textile design for prints from Philadelphia University (currently Thomas Jefferson University). She is an artist and educator living in Raleigh, NC.

Juror’s Statement:
“The 41st Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition at Meredith College showcases the talent and multifaceted perspectives of young women pursuing an art degree in Raleigh, North Carolina. The selected pieces exhibit impeccable craftsmanship across a wide variety of media, from ceramics and textiles to graphite and charcoal drawings, oil and acrylic paintings, photography, and printing.

Throughout the selection process, I became aware of a desire expressed by many artists to create evocative, whimsical, and even nostalgic representations. There are also pieces that evoke deep, strong, universal feelings, calling the viewer to ponder and question further. Elements of the surreal abound throughout, inviting the viewer to get closer so as not to be deceived. While many of the pieces may appear playful and frivolous, this is, in part, deceptive. An invitation lies on the surface, begging the viewer to dig deeper. In many pieces, the viewer finds themself transported to an otherworldly domain, filled with hope and optimism, while in others, they feel harrowing anguish and anger confronting them with the values of the society we live in. 

The Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition at Meredith College 2024 is a unique opportunity to witness the diversity of women’s voices, creating and making art in the community. Whether you are transported to otherworldly domains or confronted with difficult topics, the pieces included in this show will not leave you indifferent.”

For more information, please contact Meredith Art Gallery Director, Todd Jones.

For more information about accessibility or to inquire about other accomodations, please contact Todd Jones, or 919-760-8414.

Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony
April 25th, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Awards start at 5:30 pm

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