Yuko Taylor and King Godwin: Together – We are Having a Good Day

Exhibition Dates: October 7th, 2020 – November 11th, 2020

Location: Johnson Hall Rotunda

Together features the mother and son duo, Yuko Taylor and King Godwin, whose bond influences one another’s own personal expression within their bodies of work. Apart from being an artist, Yuko’s life work has been to support King, an adult with autism. King transfers his feelings and what is true to him onto canvas and three-dimensional objects using bright, vibrant colors along with numbers that hold a special significance. Yuko, a Japanese-American oil painter, has exhibited works globally and draws inspiration from modern Western art and Japanese historical imagery.

While King expresses his day, Yuko relays timelessness through her depiction of nature. King teaches Yuko the true meaning of how art impacts human beings, and in return, Yuko motivates King to keep pursuing his art. While the Covid-19-quarantine world diminished the community that supported them, King helped Yuko realize the only thing of importance was how to live their day-to-day lives—through painting. Through this revelation, they recognized there was no loss. Yuko writes: “We are thankful that we have art in our lives. We are together, and having a good day.”

We are thankful that we have art in our lives. We are together, and having a good day.

Yuko Taylor

Virtual Gallery Talk

October 29th, 3:30pm – 4:30pm

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In-Person, Registration-Only Artist Reception from 4:30-6:30 in Johnson Hall Rotunda.

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Meet the Artists

Yuko N. Taylor

     Painter, Yuko Nagomi Taylor has emerged as a 2-dimensional, Nihonga and oil painter artist in demand regionally, nationally, and internationally. Inspirations come from modern western art and Japanese historical art images. Her unique style combines her two heritages of the southern United States and Japan on canvas, serving to create harmony between nature and humble people. Born in Tokyo, Japan, Yuko grew up in a prestigious private school, historically attended by family of the nobles. She excelled in her artistic talent and emerged with a unique painting expertise as a result of being exposed to high-end cultures of Japan. In 1990, Yuko moved to the Southern United States to move away from the pressure of a predetermined life within her expected social boundaries.
     After having two sons, one with Autism, she has revisited her passion and expresses her unique experiences in visual art. She is married to a Jazz drummer, Thomas E. Taylor, Jr. After exploring the South Eastern US art scene and experimenting with a large variety of colors and materials as a visual artist, she returned to her original heritage and develop her voice to master it. Japanese mineral painting method is a complex technique. These materials all derive from mother earth, and Yuko has a profound appreciation for them. She realized it is not economical nor convenient; however, she feels that this meticulous process is meaningful, important, interesting, and serves to inspire within her the true essence of art. The practice of this technique allows her to explore the true expression of painting; yet, her subjects, connection to art, and her value of life remains constant and strong.

King N. Godwin

     King Nobuyoshi Godwin was born in 1991 in Raleigh, NC and diagnosed with autism at the age of two and a half years old. He attended the Special Education program of Wake County School Systems and received a certificate from Leesville High School in Raleigh NC in 2012. King attended UNC at Greensboro for one year, living away from home in the college apartment for the Beyond Academics Program in 2013. In that same year, King became a painter. In addition to his parents, Thomas (jazz drummer and college music educator) & Yuko Taylor (fine art painter) and his brother Malik Nobumasa Godwin (antique clock smith), King has many other supporters of his painting career. King has numerous collectors around the triangle and the greater United States. He has passion and achieved stability through his career as a painter. He is thriving every day working in his studio to pursue his craft regardless or because of his disability. King is successfully living out his artist life and giving back to inspire his community. He currently lives independently in an apartment attached to his parent’s home. He is a proud team member of the Special Olympic Raleigh Racer Swimmers and a performing member of Special Japanese Taiko-Drum ensemble. 

The Artwork